DOT - our synthetic bone regeneration materials BONITmatrix® and OSSA NOVA


Bone regeneration materials are a useful alternative for repairing bone voids. The limited availability of autogenous bone as well as the risks involved with using allogenous or xenogenous materials has led to synthetic bone graft materials being increasingly used in dental and orthopaedic surgery. The crucial factor for the suitability of synthetic bone graft materials is that these should be bioactive materials, which can be fully integrated into the natural bone remodelling process.

Bone regeneration material BONITmatrix®

a synthetic, resorbable bone graft substitute BONITmatrix®
BONITmatrix® is a synthetic, resorbable bone graft material, consisting of the components hydroxylapatite, ß-tricalciumphosphate and silicon dioxide. It is supplied in granules. Read more>>

Pasty bone regeneration material OSSA NOVA

Pasty bone graft material OSSA NOVA
OSSA NOVA is a synthetic, pasty bone graft material, which is supplied in a sterile syringe. It consists of a mixture of calcium phosphates and a bioactive silicon dioxide matrix. Read more>>

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