Hypro-Sorb® F - Composition and Properties

Hypro-Sorb® F is a bi-layered bovine collagen type I. The membrane possesses a very high degree of biocompatibility as a consequence of telopeptide extraction (Atelo-collagen membrane), in view of adverse reactions which are reported to have a relationship with telopeptides. A special production process generates a bi-layer structure with a smooth and a rough layer.

Advantages at a glance

  • Highly purified Collagen Type I for a high level of biocompatibility and tissue tolerance with good healing properties
  • Hydrophilic: fast adaption to defects
  • Completely resorbable
  • Resorption time approx. 6 months (without any cross linking) - sufficient barrier function
  • Multiannual clinical testing and documentation
  • Easy to handle with a high level of tensile strength and resistance as a result of the collagen fibre arrangement
  • Rough layer for bone tissue integration and smooth layer for adhesion of the soft tissue cells
Bi-layer collagen membrane Hypro-Sorb® Smooth and rough side of the membrane
Fig: Smooth and rough side of the membrane

Hypro-Sorb® F mode of action

While the smooth layer promotes the healing of the soft tissue, the rough layer uses the osteoblasts and osteoblast-precursor cells use the disordered structure of the collagen fibres to penetrate the porous structures and initiate the formation of new bone tissue. Although the collagen fibres do not have any additive cross linkages, the membrane has a resorption time of nearly 6 months. This six month period is a sufficient barrier that allows the membrane to be completely resorbed, thus precluding a second surgical procedure to remove the membrane.
Fig: Release of growth factors from thrombocytes
(Courtesy of Lars Faxalv)

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