OSSA NOVA - Composition and Properties

OSSA NOVA is a synthetic, resorbable, pasty bone graft substitute that consists of a mixture of nanocrystalline calcium phosphates, HA and ß-TCP in an amorphous, bioactive silicon dioxide matrix.
Composition of OSSA NOVA
It is a pasty substance that is permeable to liquids (e. g. blood) because of the porosity of its starting materials. This process facilitates the mobilization of growth factors in the blood which are responsible for bone regeneration as well as vascularization in the void.
It is supplied in a pre-filled syringe which combines its easy and safe application with the proven clinical efficacy of the calcium phosphates. As OSSA NOVA is a paste, its consistency ensures that it is optimally adapted to different types of voids.
Ossa Nova - synthetic bioactive pasty bone regeneration material out of a ready to use syringe

Advantages at a glance

  • Completely synthetic
  • Easy and safe application with a syringe
  • Pasty consistency for optimal defect alignment
  • Integration into the natural bone remodelling process
  • Unhindered wound healing
  • CE 0297 certified since 2009

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