From DOT GmbH with TPS-coated implants made of metal, ceramic or PEEK

TPS Coatings

staff at a VPS plant, plasma jet
Innovative implant surfaces for cementless anchoring have been generated with the aid of a porous titanium coating for many years now. In addition to its metal coating capabilities, DOT is able to apply a porous titanium coating on implant components consisting of temperature resistant plastic (PEEK) or ceramics.
DOT provides TPS coatings for following materials:

TPS Metal

The TPS metal coating is applied to the implants in a vacuum chamber. Using porous titanium coating,a firmly adherent pure titanium layer can be applied on the implant giving the bone a suitable surface for ingrowth and osseointegration. Read more>>

TPS Ceramic

A porous TPS coating is applied on the implants using a vacuum plasma spray process to modify the surface of ceramic implants and thus to make the surface attractive for improved osseointegration. Read more>>


This TPS coating is applied in a vacuum and achieves a high level of porosity combined with good and adequate coating adhesion. Read more>>

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