Mit speziellen Wirkstoffen bei DOT beschichteter Stent

Coating of Vascular Products

Coating of vascular products, employees coat balloon catheters
DOT has the technical capabilities to coat vascular products. In this field of medical coating technology, stents and balloon catheters are coated with special substances to prevent the formation of restenosis or a renewed vascular obliteration.

Innovative Coatings for Vascular Products - PDF: 500 KB

Coating of Balloon Catheters

SEM-picture of coated ballon catheter, ballon catheter is packaged by staff

At DOT, the balloon catheters are coated with cytostatic drugs. Application of these active substances is conducted with a defined deposition of an adjusted solution and their drying. The cytostatic drugs are applied on the balloon catheter using a carrier substance and generate a so-called drug eluting balloon (DEB). During the dilatation of the balloon in the blood vessel, the cytostatic drug is released from the balloon into the vessel wall and minimises the risk of restenosis for a specified period of time.


  • Homogenous, thin coating
  • Drug release over a defined time period

Range of Application
  • Balloon catheters for angioplasty of peripheric and coronar blood vessels
  • In-stent restenosis
  • Bifurcations in the coronar area as well as renal vessels, femoral arteries and lower leg arteries in the peripheral area
balloon catheters are coated with cytostatic drugs
Advantages of the Procedure
  • No foreign body in the blood vessel after after medical intervention
  • Effective inhibition of new formation of cells
  • Permanent local effectiveness of the released substances over a long time period

Coating of Stents

SEM-picture of coated stent, stent is checked by staff

The stents at DOT are coated with immunosuppressive drugs that possess an anti-proliferative effect and are applied homogenously using a carrier substance. The result is a so-called Drug Eluting Stent (DES). This DES releases small amounts of the drug over a defined time period, inhibits the formation of new cells and therefore reduces the risk of restenosis in this area. The coating process (combination of carrier substance and drug) is performed with a spraying process specially developed at DOT.

  • Homogenous, thin coating
  • Defined release of drugs over a certain time period

Range of Application
  • Stent angioplasty in blood vessels and coronary vessels, particularly for increased risk of restenosis

stents are coated with immunosuppressive drugs

Advantages of the Procedure
  • Effective inhibition of formation of new cells
  • Permanent local effectiveness of released drugs over a longer time period

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