From DOT GmbH with TPS-coated implants made of metal

TPS Coating on Metal


The TPS metal coating is applied to the implants in a vacuum chamber.
Using this technology, a firmly adherent pure titanium layer can be applied on the implant giving the bone a suitable surface for ingrowth and osseointegration.

TPS coating on a hip stem
Range of Application
  • Joint implants: hip joint, knee joint, ankle joint, shoulder joint, wrist joint, finger implants and spinal implants
Advantages of the Procedure
  • Surface enlargement without thermal microstructural changes of the implant material
  • Improved fatigue strength of the implants compared with sintering techniques
  • Increased purity and adhesive strength in comparison to other methods (e.g. APS Atmospheric Plasma Spray)
  • Color: gray
  • Coating thickness: 30–800 µm (depending on the powder size and implant design)
  • Roughness Ra: 3.5–80 µm
  • Porosity: 20–40 %
  • Adhesion strength: ≥ 22 MPa
  • Coating material: Titanium powder - grade 4 pure titanium (according to ISO 5832-2 and ASTM F 1580 as well as titanium alloys according to ISO 5832-3)

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