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We are driven to offer first-class solutions for medical implant coatings. Our R & D team is permanently working on improving existing coatings and developing trend-setting new coatings to help us achieve our goals.

DOT also develops and manufactures innovative regenerative products for the biomaterials market. We collaborate with well-known universities, scientific institutions and clinics in our research activities, and we are part of international research networks.

Our current research activities are focused on:

Antibacterial implant coatings

Approximately 500,000 hip joint prostheses are implanted worldwide every year. One of the most dangerous complications after implantation is implant-induced infection. We, therefore, understand the importance of developing implant surfaces that are able to prevent bacterial infection and stimulate cell growth simultaneously.

Copper has been commonly known to have an antibacterial effect if it is not bonded to proteins but is present as an ion. This is caused by the oligo-dynamic effect which can also be observed in silver. Copper has also been known to promote angiogenesis.

The project is dedicated to analyzing the antibacterial function of coatings on different implants containing copper and to investigating the various applications of the coatings in trauma and orthopedic surgery. The objective of this project is to investigate the application of the coatings in trauma and orthopedic surgery.

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